Make an OBA complaint

The ASAI Code now contains rules about Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA). OBA involves the practice whereby information collected from web browsers is used to present online ads that are more relevant to the user of a particular browser on a computer. These rules provide the public with transparency and choice about OBA. Companies involved in OBA must provide notice about the collection and use of web viewing behaviour data for the purposes of OBA, including how web users can opt out from receiving Online Behavioural Advertising. Please read our advice note to help you decide whether making a complaint at this time is the right option for you.

If on the other hand your complaint concerns the content of an advertisement or promotion, please click here for the relevant Complaint Form.

Actions you can take in relation to OBA:

  1. If you do not wish to receive OBA, please visit the Your Choices section on the youronlinechoices website.
  2. Are you having difficulties opting-out of OBA? Please visit the Help page on
  3. Do you consider that you are continuing to receive OBA despite opting-out previously using the ‘Your Choices’ page on YourOnlineChoices? If so, please check the Frequently Asked Questions section on
  4. Do you want to know more about using your browser settings to control the cookies placed on it? If yes, visit the Five Top Tips section on the youronlinechoices website.
  5. Would you like to know more about OBA? The About section of the youronlinechoices website contains information on OBA.


If following the previous actions (1 – 5 above) has not resolved your issue, please submit your complaint using the form below. We do need quite detailed information so please bear with us. If you still have the website open with the advertisement you consider was delivered to you through online behavioural targeting, please take a screenshot of it*. If there is a Notice Icon ( like this one ) it would be helpful if you could click on the icon and screenshot the landing page it takes you to.

*How do I take a screenshot? Press the PrtScn button [top right-hand side of your keyboard]. Open a blank document. Press Ctrl and V together to paste a copy of the screenshot into the document. You can then save this document and attach it to your complaint.