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ASAI documents

ASAI 42nd Annual Report 2022-2023PDF1.5MB19/04/2023Annual Report
ASAI Strategic Priorities.DOC110KB19/04/2023Statement
ASAI 41st Annual Report 2021-2022PDF1.3 MB27/04/2022Annual Report
ASAI CODE_7th Edition_Revision_2021PDF3.2MB01/12/2021Codebook
ASAI 40th Annual Report 2020-2021PDF3,445 KB28/04/2020Annual Report
ASAI 39th Annual Report 2019-2020PDF2.5 MB29/04/2020Annual Report
ASAI 38th Annual Report 2018-2019PDF3.9 MB04/30/2019Annual Report
ASAI Privacy Policy PDF68 KB29/08/2018Privacy Policy
ASAI 37th Annual Report 2017-2018PDF3MB25/04/2018Annual Report
ASAI 36th Annual Report 2016-2017PDF5.4 MB26/04/2017Annual Report
ASAI 35th Annual Report 2015 - 2016PDF3 MB27/04/2016Annual Report
ASAI 34th Annual Report 2014 - 2015PDF1,600 KB28/04/2015Annual Report
ASAI CODEBOOK_REVISED7.6c_2014PDF1,340.52 KB 20/05/2014Codebook
ASAI Guidance Note - 7.6c - April 2014PDF237.98 KB24/04/2014Codebook
ASAI 33rd Annual Report 2013PDF1,488.58 KB16/04/2014 Annual Report
ASAI Appendix III - OBA Rules 2013PDF31.7 KB30/08/2013Codebook
OBA Information Note June 2013PDF30.13 KB 24/06/2013 Notice
ASAI 32nd Annual Report 2012-2013PDF1,379.08 KB01/05/2013Annual Report
ASAI Announces an extension of its Digital Remit, 19 Nov 2012PDF92.29 KB19/11/2012 Announcement
Consulation Document - Digital Marketing CommunicationsPDF54.81 KB13/07/2012 Consultation Document
ASAI - Setting Standards For 30 Years WEBPDF147.51 KB03/05/2012Year Review
ASAI_ANNUAL REPORT 2011PDF443.90 KB02/05/2012Annual Report
A wake up call from the ASAIPDF154.32 KB02/09/2011
On Demand Audiovisual Media Services CodePDF65.62 KB 29/08/2011
ASAI Annual Report 2010PDF523.39 KB 04/05/2011Annual Report
ASAI_ann_rep_06PDF4,012.86 KB04/11/2010 Annual Report
ASAI_ann_rep_05PDF6,396.24 KB 04/11/2010Annual Report
ASAI Advice Note on BroadbandPDF4,333.41 KB 04/11/2010Advice
Asai_ann_rep_04PDF1,223.29 KB04/11/2010 Annual Report
Asai_ann_rep_03PDF1,290.28 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
Asai_ann_rep_02PDF203.23 KB04/11/2010 Annual Report
ASAI Annual Report 2009PDF156.70 KB 04/11/2010 Annual Report
2007 Annual ReportPDF145.93 KB
04/11/2010 Annual Report
ASAI 2001 CodesPDF238.57 KB 04/11/2010 Codebook

AMCMB documents

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AMCMB Annual Report 2017PDF2.2 MBAnnual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2016PDF2.8MBAnnual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2015PDF1.9MBAnnual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2014PDF3.2MBAnnual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2013PDF3.2MBAnnual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2012PDF2,748.82 KB 11/03/2014Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2011PDF2,081.61 KB13/03/2013 Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2010PDF173.25 KB 30/08/2011 Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2009PDF156.70 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2008PDF157.37 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2007PDF145.93 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2006PDF138.58 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
Alcohol Codes of Practice 2008PDF360.55 KB04/11/2010Codes of Practice

EASA documents

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EASA BPR on Online Behavioural AdvertisingPDF906.76 KB18/06/2013Online Behavioural
EASA Report 2009 – Spirits MonitoringPDF207.23 KB04/11/2010EASA Report
Digital Marketing Communications BPRPDF1,064.35 KB 04/11/2010Digital Marketing
Construct Data (cancellation letter)DOC 31.00 KB04/11/2010Construct Data