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ASAI documents

ASAI Privacy Policy PDF68 KB29/08/2018Privacy Policy
ASAI 37th Annual Report 2017-2018PDF3MB25/04/2018Annual Report
ASAI 36th Annual Report 2016-2017PDF5.4 MB26/04/2017Annual Report
ASAI 35th Annual Report 2015 - 2016PDF3 MB27/04/2016Annual Report
ASAI 34th Annual Report 2014 - 2015PDF1,600 KB28/04/2015Annual Report
ASAI CODEBOOK_REVISED7.6c_2014PDF1,340.52 KB 20/05/2014Codebook
ASAI Guidance Note - 7.6c - April 2014PDF237.98 KB24/04/2014Codebook
ASAI 33rd Annual Report 2013PDF1,488.58 KB16/04/2014 Annual Report
ASAI Appendix III - OBA Rules 2013PDF31.7 KB30/08/2013Codebook
OBA Information Note June 2013PDF30.13 KB 24/06/2013 Notice
ASAI 32nd Annual Report 2012-2013PDF1,379.08 KB01/05/2013Annual Report
ASAI Announces an extension of its Digital Remit, 19 Nov 2012PDF92.29 KB19/11/2012 Announcement
Consulation Document - Digital Marketing CommunicationsPDF54.81 KB13/07/2012 Consultation Document
ASAI - Setting Standards For 30 Years WEBPDF147.51 KB03/05/2012Year Review
ASAI_ANNUAL REPORT 2011PDF443.90 KB02/05/2012Annual Report
A wake up call from the ASAIPDF154.32 KB02/09/2011
On Demand Audiovisual Media Services CodePDF65.62 KB 29/08/2011
ASAI Annual Report 2010PDF523.39 KB 04/05/2011Annual Report
ASAI_ann_rep_06PDF4,012.86 KB04/11/2010 Annual Report
ASAI_ann_rep_05PDF6,396.24 KB 04/11/2010Annual Report
ASAI Advice Note on BroadbandPDF4,333.41 KB 04/11/2010Advice
Asai_ann_rep_04PDF1,223.29 KB04/11/2010 Annual Report
Asai_ann_rep_03PDF1,290.28 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
Asai_ann_rep_02PDF203.23 KB04/11/2010 Annual Report
ASAI Annual Report 2009PDF156.70 KB 04/11/2010 Annual Report
2007 Annual ReportPDF145.93 KB
04/11/2010 Annual Report
ASAI 2001 CodesPDF238.57 KB 04/11/2010 Codebook

AMCMB documents

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AMCMB Annual Report 2012PDF2,748.82 KB 11/03/2014Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2011PDF2,081.61 KB13/03/2013 Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2010PDF173.25 KB 30/08/2011 Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2009PDF156.70 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2008PDF157.37 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2007PDF145.93 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
AMCMB Annual Report 2006PDF138.58 KB04/11/2010Annual Report
Alcohol Codes of Practice 2008PDF360.55 KB04/11/2010Codes of Practice

EASA documents

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EASA BPR on Online Behavioural AdvertisingPDF906.76 KB18/06/2013Online Behavioural
EASA Report 2009 – Spirits MonitoringPDF207.23 KB04/11/2010EASA Report
Digital Marketing Communications BPRPDF1,064.35 KB 04/11/2010Digital Marketing
Construct Data (cancellation letter)DOC 31.00 KB04/11/2010Construct Data